Yoga Not Your Thing?

Okay, I’ll admit it .. I actually love to do yoga. Caveat though – if you saw me doing yoga, you probably wouldn’t recognize it as yoga.  I’m getting better but a lot of poses require a degree of flexibility that is quite a bit beyond where I can get my body to go most days.   So I guess what I like is the idea of doing yoga.  But what if you don’t even like the idea?  You know you should stretch after your workout and if you look at most post workout stretching sequences, they borrow some things from yoga.

How about a different twist on your post workout stretch?  Enter the suspension trainer.  Brand doesn’t matter much for the post workout stretch.  Whether you’ve got access to a flashy TRX setup or one of the many similar devices available, you can get a great post workout stretch using a suspension trainer because it provides a way to balance as you move your body to stretch areas like the IT band, the low back, shoulders and hamstrings that we sometimes ignore because they are challenging areas to properly stretch.

For our studio sessions, we’ve actually gone to performing both our warmups and our post workout stretch on the suspension trainer regardless of the workout.  Not sure what to do?  I’ll push a video out later this week!  Need a suspension device?  We use the WOSS trainers in the studio … get yours HERE!

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