Yes, We Do the Ugly Stuff

Along with the rest of his inner circle clients, I get at least a daily email from my own coach (yes, I have a coach .. curious, please ask!).  In today’s letter, the following snip jumped right out at me:

People are good at doing what they’re good at doing, and bad at owning up and facing the cold hard facts of life.

It is easy to fall into this trap and as a trainer, I realize that the expectation will often be that I can do all this stuff and not struggle in any way whatsoever. Well, those who’ve been with me for a while know better.  Yes, I have a few things that I love to do (squats, burpee, run hills…) and we do our fair share of those sorts of things because they are universally wonderful.  But they’ve also struggled with me (and often bested me….) at the things that don’t rank so high on my list of favorites.

beachsunsetWe’re all on a journey of some kind. Some of us have gained some weight and want it to go away. Some need to gain some weight and want to do it and get stronger at the same time. Some have been in pain that they’ve decided simply should not be the new normal (I’m one of those!).  The reasons we move toward a wellness focused lifestyle are many and quite diverse.  But they do share a common thread.  To progress along our journey and not simply paddle in circles, we must practice a little tough love on ourselves.

So yes, we’ll continue to do the ugly stuff. It’s good for us.  Conquering our demons, whatever they may be, make us physically, emotionally and spiritually stronger and in general, more useful human beings.  Oh, and getting stronger, more flexible, more mobile and having a lot more energy makes us feel pretty good about life too … hard to argue with that.


Thanks Pat for the reminder…..

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