WODs From Past Weeks

Sessions are Tuesday and Thursday evenings  at 7 pm

Thursday, July 3rd — Willowbrooke Park  (every Thursday!)

We usually reserve Fridays in the boot camp sessions for a day we bring out a collection of toys and do some fun circuit stuff … old timers, this ain’t Superstars and it sure ain’t American Ninja, but we’ll bring out some stuff almost every week that most haven’t seen before .. here are the stations (in no particular order — we’ll put about 18 minutes on the clock and post rep counts at each station…)

Lateral hops (over the log…)

Suspension rows

Plyo Box Jumps or Step Ups

Kettlebell Farmer Walk

Kettlebell Waiter Walk

Battling Ropes 2 Handed Waves

Suspension Jump Squats

Slam Ball (slams or squat throws)

Slosh Pile Zercher (front loaded) Carry

These are FREE sessions … come check ’em out!  We’re on a mission to make getting healthy just a routine part of your day ….. all parks we visit will have playgrounds and our music playlists are devoid of explicit lyrics so bring the kids along (hint .. them seeing you exercise plants some very useful seeds and kids around 10 and up should just join in!)


Tuesday , July 1st — Georgetown Park

A tweaked version of our 6/30 boot camp session (which itself got tweated before we started!) … focus is on the lower body. (see the boot camp session details HERE)

altrevlungeFormat:  15 minutes AMRAP — Each round looks like this:

1. Alt Reverse Lunge (x10) –> 40 yard walking lunge –> Alt Reverse Lunge (x10) –> walk to start

2. Prisoner Squat (x5) — > 40 yard duck walk –> Prisoner Squat (x5) –> walk to start

3. Skater Lunge (x10) –> 40 yard karaoke –> Skater Lunge (x10) –> walk to start

If you want to amp this up a bit, the following modifications are suggested:

* we’ll have a few pairs of kettlebells on hand if your want to weight the lunches

*  the prisoner squat can swapped for a goblet squat with a kettlebell or overhead squat with a band

*  the skater lunge can be done to full range of motion with a large hop

*  substitute a power skip for the walk back to the start


Note that Georgetown Pgetting_to_georgetown_parkark is one of the nicely kept secrets in Cedarburg …. wonderful space, large playground ..  but a tad complicated to find if you don’t happen to reside in the Georgetown area!!

To the left is a snip of the Google Map showing various entrances ..street parking only in any of a whole bunch of cul de sac surrounding it..

The link to the Google map itself …. https://www.google.com/maps/@43.3057399,-87.9789138,17z










Thursday, June 26th — Willowbrooke Park

Full body workout on the battling ropes!  5 ropes exercises. 30/30 format with 30 on the ropes and 30 “choice”.

1.  Alternating Wave   2.  Lateral Wave   3.  Circles    4.  Hi-Lo Claps    5. Slams

We’ll go through the sequence 3 times, resting for about a minute between rounds.  If we happen to draw a larger than usual crowd, we will adjust to a 30/30/30 format where you have 30 on the ropes, 30 of specific excercise (squats or planks…), and 30  of rest/choice.


Tuesday, June 24th — Wegman Park (surrounded by Oak and Chestnut Streets). From Bridge Rd, turn north on Harrison Ave, then left (west) on Oak St. Park will be on your left.

Due to a logistical snag, we’re gonna change this one to something a little more portable and move the ropes to Thursday.  This one will be a modification of the scheduled boot camp session held in the early morning.  We’ll tree mount a pair of suspension trainers on three trees forming something of a triangle around the playground area. Watch set to 15 minutes, this is As Many Rounds as Possible (AMRAP).  You’ll travel (your choice of modes but under your own power…) from tree to tree and at the three trees, we’ll do the following – everything is 5 reps:

1.  Jump Squat and Inverted Row

2.  Jump Squat and Bicep Curl

3.  Jump Squat and Tricep Extension


June 17th — (CHANGE!!) Grafton Lions Park (on Keup Rd, just south of Hwy 60 in Grafton)

CHANGE to this too!!

Top of hill … 50 reps of 2 handed rope waves

Walk to bottom of hill

At bottom, 10 squats — you choose from bodyweight only, goblet squat (with kettlebell) or double front squat (with 2 kettlebells)

Run back to the top of the hill…. repeat…..

…. we’ll go 15 minutes AMRAP …


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