The Whole Summer?

Okay, seems that offering up something at a price that doesn’t seem real (since the $$ part isn’t the point of it all….) leads to some folks asking what the $75 price tag is for.  A week?  Each month? Something else?

So let me clarify …

Our summer boot camp is called “Sonrise Fitness Boot Camp” .. no, I didn’t spell that wrong.  We’re running it primarily on the grounds of a church .. so yeah, “THAT Son”.

We will offer sessions (30 minutes each .. 6-30, 6:30-7 am) daily, Monday-Friday for 11 weeks.  The $75 is an unlimited pass for the entire summer. You pick your own schedule.

Yes, it is that simple. Yes, the price is that low.  A portion of the proceeds will go toward ministry activities.  All of our paid events going forward will have some ministry component to them. They are all family friendly and all priced way below what you can expect to pay a a boutique center or franchise boot camp.

Get it? Got it.. Good!!!  Looking forward to seeing you .. register HERE

Question?  Drop me a note below..

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