Whazzit All About — Revisited

A couple years ago, I wrote a post that was prompted by a re-connection with an old (as in .. from my increasingly distant past .. not as in “I’m old”…. cuz, well, I don’t really see myself like that!).  For some reason, a couple days ago, someone happened upon it (or so the stats tell me…) and it occurred to me to wonder if I’ve stayed true to my words then, evolved (hopefully to a better me) or just plain flip flopped (which would be okay I suppose since I have no aspiration toward political office….)

So … here that is again, with a little inline commentary!!  Turns out I’m still pretty much telling the same story (which I’m kinda happy about…)


A friend from a past life (or at least what seems like a lifetime ago!!) asked me this today. Then followed with a comment about our age.  And by the way, you certainly look like you’ve stayed in shape. (okay, I’ll admit it .. that made me smile..)

… and if someone today made the same comment, now nearing 52, I’d smile even bigger…

As some know, I was a very minor celebrity on the sport scene a long time ago .. mostly a moderate sized fish in a tiny pond, but nonetheless put up some numbers on the track that have stood the test of time. I began coaching right out of high school, just on and off until about 10 years ago.  To say I’d “stayed in shape” would have been a stretch though.  But now, over the 50 mark, when you happen to be in relatively good shape. seems like it gets a little more notice.  The “whatzit all about” is pretty simple.  My old friend really wanted to ask me about a program .. as in, “should I do x?”.  Well, there’s not one answer for that.  I did some programs and enjoyed them and got some benefit from them. Many do better than I did with the programs I tried .. many don’t do as well.  It depends upon your goals — and the discipline you can enforce upon yourself to meet them.

… still true, though today I’d emphasize the power of community…

Not sure of your goals?  How about this one … “I want to get more active because I’m convinced it will make me feel better”.  Not concrete enough if you want a trainer to design you a program.  But it is a highly worthwhile change in thinking.  Our catch phrase around No Bounds Wellness is “Let’s Get Moving Again”.  We live in an age where there is little requiring many of us to move much at all. We don’t even have to get off the couch to change the channel or answer the phone.  We sit, we lay, we lounge .. because we can. At some point it becomes apparent (hopefully sooner rather than later…) that is really not the optimal scenario to stay healthy.  Our bodies were engineered for motion.

… we have a new catch phrase .. the old one still applies but my new manta is Life Life Livelier … hashtag that #LiveLifeLivelier!

So …. the “whatzit all about” is about getting us back moving again … I don’t have a program to sell you .. rather, I want to help you change your life.  My starting point is not everyone’s starting point in this business.  I don’t want you to take supplements — or even to change your diet .. YET… I don’t want you to join a gym or start your days with a three mile run.  Now .. I don’t have anything particular against those things.  Some things called supplements might help you, but they might not.  You can alter your diet in a myriad of ways .. many which I’m certain will improve your health, but some that might not get you what you’re looking for. And running .. well .. I was a middle distance running in high school and college.  I don’t run any more. Well, at least not like that.  I love to run up hills, but other than that, my take is that unless your running to train your body to run long distances, you best only run at a pace that looks like something is chasing you..

…. okay, this one is more or less still accurate but I’ve learned a few things .. first, you probably need some sort of dietary supplements even if you do eat clean .. our food sources are not what they used to be!  I still don’t run except at a dead sprint or up a hill and unless you’re going to run 5Ks and such, don’t recommend anyone else do so either. I see a lot of folks around town who would tell you they are “running”.  They be safer and more productive walking cuz what they are doing is have little impact except to their joints .. sorry, a little tough love is in order here folks!

… and while I’m still not marketing a “program”, I do thoroughly endorse 4 of them — see the right sidebar .. these are all awesome…

Here’s my own “program” in a nutshell.

1.  Be MINDFULLY active every day … take the stairs, don’t sit for long periods, walk around the block, get some fresh air …

2. Every other day, do something more .. a workout of some kind .. for now, I’m doing battling ropes (see the Upcoming Classes link above)  and bodyweight exercises but I like lots of other stuff (suspension trainer, sandbags, tires, slam balls, chains, logs, sleds… but not elipticals or treadmills!!)

3. Because every other day creates an odd schedule, I take 2 days in a row off from the harder workout .. some my schedule looks like this:

Mon- rest  Tues-workout  Wed-rest  Thurs-workout   Fri-rest  Sat or Sun-workout — and rest the other one.

So, some weeks I take Friday and Saturday off, some weeks Sunday and Monday are back to back rest days.

4. Eat MINDFULLY clean … don’t obsess, but do attempt to cut back on stuff that just shouldn’t enter your body.  You want to be a vegan? Go for it. Not for me.  Paleo? Outstanding .. I like the principle and am working in that direction.  If you have a goal to get to <10% bodyfat, well, you’ve got some major work to do on the food side. If you just want to start feeling better, baby steps in that direction will get you started.

That’s it .. that’s my personal program.  I lost a little weight, but not much. I lost a couple inches off the waist but didn’t get skinny.  Mostly, at 50, I feel more alive than I did at 30.  A close friend told me on my last birthday that 50 was the new 30 … for me.. with regards to at least my health, turns out he was spot on.  I can help you feel better too!

…. well, that all still stands … at present, I’m coming up on 52 .. I teach 14-16 classes a week and actually completely participate in most of them .. I wouldn’t do that if I was just starting out or even maintaining, but sorta feel obligated to lead by example.  I supplement and I use a recovery shake after workouts. I eat reasonably but FAR from what I could and probably should do.  But all in all .. the last 10 years have been a remarkable ride and a couple years ago when I decided I need to share with others I guess I really was ready to do that as my story .. well, it still contains the same central message and it still allows me to LIVE LIFE LIVELIER!!

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