Weekly Recap – 8/1/14

It was a pretty awesome week.  We were blessed with outstanding weather outside of narrowly getting in the Tuesday night park session and oh did we witness some beautiful sunrises. Friday morning in particular was breathtaking.  We spent the bulk of the week with minimal equipment.  Other than the ropes to start off the week and a bit of work on the suspension trainers on Thursday, it was very much a week of pure body weight movements and we’ll continue that theme into the next week.

We’ve now completed 7 weeks of the summer session, leaving just 4 weeks before we change gears a bit.  For that final four weeks, we’ve posted an offer almost too good to pass up.  I still see way too many folks every single day putting it too much time, clearly not enjoying their efforts and sadly, not seeing much fruit from them.  There is a better way.  We want to change your mindset about wellness.  The fitness piece is just one of many in the puzzle, but if you are enjoying it, it is the easiest one to become your rock.  Get a little (or a lot…) stressed and exercise can bring you back.  Blow your diet one weekend and exercise can ease the guilty conscience.  And on and on. This really is the easy one to get right.  Short, sweet and as intense as you want to handle.  And at least for the summer, out of the way first thing in the morning.  I’ll be 51 in a little under 2 weeks and quite honestly, I feel better today than I did 20 years ago.  Running a mile in the 4:20 range is not exactly in my sweet spot anymore but come to think of it, when I could do that, it was pretty much all I could do.  These days .. bring it on.  A couple days ago I acquired a rather large tube type flat screen television for the home studio. The donor had staged it for me in the garage on a hand cart. I wheeled to the van and hoisted it in. Apparently it had taken a team of 4 to get it TO the garage.  Never even occurred to me that I couldn’t handle it.  (and Kelly, if you happen to see this, I didn’t have any helpers around so I went ahead and unloaded it and took it to the basement myself as well).  Wellness gives you a sense of self confidence which, used with care, can really be a productivity boost.  When you feel productive, your stress level goes down.  Yes, all in all, it was a pretty awesome week.

Four weeks to go and we’ve cut the price to make it easy to get on board.  $25. That’s it. Couples, that means $25, not that times two. Kids in the 10-ish and up range? Bring them along. Make it a family affair. It’s good for them to see you taking care of yourself.  You can reach the signup page HERE.

Below is our picture recap of the week .. it wasn’t a great week with the phone camera and iCloud and I did not get along well this week but we still managed to get a few dozen shots to remember the week by ….   Hope to see you Monday … to those traveling this next week, be safe!!




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