A WOD in the Park (10:30 am Tuesdays + yoga!, and 7 pm – Thursdays)

Welcome to Summer 2015!!

Summer in Wisconsin is a thing to behold and I love to get outdoors for some of my workouts.  You’re invited to join me!   My own workouts follow the exact same model as our regular studio classes so if you’re intrigued at all by the notion of a 50 something guy being in just as good (or even better!!) shape than many half his age, come on out and join me for these FREE sessions.  We will post the workouts on this page so come back and visit every week!  These will be very similar to our 30 minute studio sessions and are completely FREE.  Bring the kids out, get your sweat done, enjoy the fresh air and our beautiful local parks.  Have questions? Click the contact link above and give us a shout.

This summer we’ve teamed with Paula Evans .. we will do a light workout before her FREE yoga session on Tuesday mornings .. then fly solo Thursday evenings.  Watch this page for Thursday night locations!!

Weekly schedule:01bfe0bcf2d0dc6761f0b87c22af72b20aebb5ff53

Tuesday mornings — light workout at 10:30, extended yoga session at 11 am  — CEDAR CREEK PARK

Thursday evening — 7 pm workout (30 minutes) — we’ll visit several parks in the community and perhaps even venture over to Grafton!  Watch this page and Facebook for location details.

(Tuesday evenings over the summer, we’re back at the studio for a members only session … drop-ins always welcome, just $5/class at the studio)


Tuesday, June 30 – 3 separate core and shoulders tabata sequences followed by Yoga with Paula.  Workout at 10:30 am, Yoga will begin at 11 am –  Cedar Creek Park

Tuesday, June 23rd – Yoga only with Paula at 11 am –  Cedar Creek Park

Due to some interesting logistics brought about by Jim’s daughter’s soccer team advancing to the Region 2 semi final game on Tuesday, there will be no 10:30 workout before your yoga practice..

Thursday, June 18th 7 pm followed by yoga with Paula at 7:30.

Cedar Creek Park

Triangle with exercises on the points .. hub in the middle with a little something to do there as well!!

18 minutes AMRAP

The triangle… 5 reps at each point

A.  Plank Jack + Mountain Climber

B.  Squat + Jumping Jack + Reverse Lunge

C.  Burpee

After doing reps at the point, traverse (you choose how!!!) the space to a center ring — 5 pushups in the ring and move to the next corner of the triangle.

Tuesday, June 16th 10:30 am (followed by Yoga with Paula at 11 am)  Cedar Creek Park

Legs – Glutes – Core !!
30/30 all — move/alt move, rest 2 minutes
between sequences.

1. Low Plank Chest Tap
2. High Plank Shoulder Tap
3. Beast Hold
4. Spider Climber
Alt 30 is V-Sit Cross Body Punches

Forward/Backward Grok Crawl
Alt with Superman Swim (x4)

10 Squats, low hold for balance of 30 sec
Alt 30 is the Traveling Squat & Reach (x4)


Tuesday, June 9th  — MORNING SESSION AT CEDAR CREEK PARK, YOGA ONLY @ 11 am. (NO WORKOUT BEFORE YOGA as Jim is attending a school function.

Thursday, June 4th 7 pm followed by yoga with Paula at 7:30.

Cedar Creek Park

We’ll be using the open field in front the bandshell and a trio of picnic tables on either side of the open space…

North end tables — all exercises elevated by the picnic table seats!

1.  10 pushups

2.  10 step ups on each leg

3.  10 Ab Rotations to each side (like our T-pushups, but without the pushup in the middle)

Cross the field — going south will be a sprint, coming back north will be walking lunges

On the south end tables….

1.  10 mountain climbers (each side)

2.  10 split squats (each side)

3.  10 Plank jacks

Cross the field….

We will continue this loop… AMRAP for 20 minutes.

…. and then hand off to Paula for an extended cool down

Tuesday, June 2nd – Willowbrooke Park 7 pmIMG_1173

We’ll repeat the morning session but in a new location with most likely a new audience!


Tuesday, June 2nd 10:30 am (followed by Yoga with Paula at 11 am)  Cedar Creek Park

We’ll begin the summer with our signature toys .. the battling ropes … just a few variations since we hope to meet lots of new folks this summer!

Format 30/30 X 3 rounds.  30 on ropes, 30 off is “your choice” .. can range from “rest” to .. well.. burpees!  Suggested options are pushup variations, planks, plank jacks, jumping jacks .. or whatever your favorite happens to me — anything except just sitting down!

1.  Two Hand Wave

2.  Front Curls

3.  Up & Back

4.  Wide and Narrow

5.  Ski Jumpers

Between rounds, we’ll do a loop of brisk walking on a marked path.

The cooldown will be yoga with Paula Evans .. you can meet Paula online HERE.



The last few weeks of summer 2014 are below …….

Tuesday, August 12th – Cedar Creek Park

This is our finale for the summer.  We’ll be back bigger and better next June!!

Tonite will be a variant of the “ropes go round” we did at Monday morning’s boot camp .. due to the wet weather, we’ll pull the 2 exercises that were done on the ground.  So .. we’ll have 8 ropes, 50 seconds each followed by a brisk walking lap around the circle .. check your next exercise placard on the way by and then walk the loop around, stopping at your next move.  We begin the next exercise as soon as everyone is set.


Update — 8/8/14 

We will wrap up the summer park sessions next Tuesday, August 12th.  We’ve hit the part of the summer where everyone is trying to cram in those last few activities before school cranks back up .. so attendance has been way down and well, we’re a little busy here on the homefront!!!  See the front page for our announcement of partnering with Chay’s Tae Kwon Do .. fall session begins 9/8 in the shared fitness studio!


Tuesday, August 5th — Wegmann Park

Format 30/10 X 4  Choice of Regular Sequence or Density Mode .. walking lap around the park at transition to next exercise

Claps |  Circles |  Jacks  |  Underhand Alt Wave


NO SESSION on Thursday, July 31st.

Tuesday, July 29th – Georgetown Park

We’ll be doing a “follow me” core session with 7 different plank and plank-ish movements .. approx 30/20 for two rounds .. we’ll drop back into the familiar yoga child’s pose during the rest periods.  This will be followed by a reverse ladder finisher. Here is the likely exercise sequence…

Plank Hold | Beast Leg Lifts (each side) | Plank Hold | Beast Knee Taps | Wide Plank Reach | Beast Kick Outs

Finisher — 10-1/1-10  Pushups and Jumping Jacks


 Thursday, July 24th – Cedar Creek Park 


We’re going to break habit this week and move over to Cedar Creek Park for the Thursday (7/24) edition of A WOD in the Park.  We’ll be in proximity of the playground (near the picnic area #5).

Note that Spring Street is under construction so  if you want to park on the “park side” of the street you’ll need to get onto Portland by another route (like Hilbert..).  We’ll be bringing back our not quite yet (but surely soon to be!!) famous “20 in 20” on the ropes!



Tuesday, July 22nd — Centennial Park (adjacent to the pool)

This one will be a bodyweight only circuit patterned off our Monday, 7/21 boot camp session.  We’ll mark out a loop approx 80×30 yards.  On the corners we’ll do pushups, short sides will be walking lunges and on the long sides we’ll start with a job and accelerate to a sprint mid way.   We’ll shoot for 5 rounds to give us a nice even 100 pushups.  (want to amp it up .. yeah, just ask!)

Thursday, July 17th — Ropes+

Format 30/30 X 3 rounds.  30 on ropes is alternating wave + a movement, 30 off is “your choice” .. can range from “rest” to .. well.. burpees!  Suggested options are pushup variations, planks, plank jacks, jumping jacks .. or whatever your favorite happens to me — anything except just sitting down!

2.  Lateral Shuffle

3.  Up & Back

4.  Side Step Sumo Squat

5.  Alternating Reverse Lunge

Between rounds, we’ll have a loop marked out to talk a brisk walking lap


Tuesday, July 15th –Zeunert Park

Format  30/15 — we’ll do 3 rounds plus an optional “squat finale” finisher

Plank Jacks

Twist and Punch (a bit like our med ball Russian twists … but sans the accessories .. however, I will have light hand weights if you want to amp this up just a tad)

Alternating Reverse Lunge … amp up with a leg lift to the back before coming forward to a front kick

Plank Through Kicks — similar to the plan push throughs, but with a leg instead of an arm

Bicycle Crunch



Thursday, July 10th — Willowbrooke Park

We’ll bring back another circuit since many were away last week coming into the holiday….

Here are the stations…..

1.  Suspension Row

2.  Slosh Pipe Front Carry

3.  Bear Crawl Med Ball Roll

4.  Kettlebell Carry Combo — Farmer and Waiter Walks

5.  Heavy maul tire whacks  (the scientific term for this escapes me….)

6.  Suspension PushUp

7.  Plyo Box Jumps (step up for low impact)

Tuesday, July 15th — Herman A Zeunert Park (N30W6030 Lincoln Blvd .. just east of Piggly Wiggly)

Session TBA but expect a regular group HIIT session …. no toys, just “us”..



Looking for the details of a past workout? Click HERE.

To RSVP,  or if you have questions, comments or suggestions.. please complete the form below!

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