Weekender – September 20/21

So the weekend is upon us and after putting in a solid week of exercise, there is great temptation to take a break. And that’s not completely a bad thing, but like everything else, you know my mantra. Keep it in balance.  If you’re stopping by for the first time or if the “not very magic” formula has slipped your mind, here is the rough guideline.

Real exercise — or an equivalent activity — on alternate days.  It is almost always okay to take a day “off” (but even on off days, make choices to be “mindfully active”) and there will be times that either your body or your schedule tells you a second off day is prudent.  The key is try to not take a third consecutive day off.  For some, a daily workout with an occasional day off feels right. For some, the every other day cadence works well.  It may take some time to figure that out for yourself and experimenting for a couple months is absolutely okay!  We’re not competing with each other, but rather, the self we were yesterday. Flowers in a row don’t compete, they simply bloom.

For the weekend … one of the days, get out and get a brisk walk — 30 minutes is good. Brisk walking is restorative!  The other day, do something resembling a real workout. Nothing fancy required. Keep it down to no more than 12-18 minutes  Something along these lines will set you up nicely for next week

Do 10-15 quality repetitions of each of the exercises below.  Go straight through each round. Rest between each round — as much as you need to but no ore than absolutely necessary.

1.  Alternating Reverse Lunge (10x on each leg)

2. Jumping Jacks

3.  Pushups

4.  Total Body Extensions

5.  Walkout to Plank (hold for a 5 count at the plank before walking it back)

And don’t forget to carry that balance over to the rest of your world .. eat some real food, exchange a soda for a water.  Put some quality time and energy into your closest relationship and spend some time with your Creator in the classroom of silence.

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