Weekender For 8/31-9/1

As we’re coming off a week of lower (relatively speaking…) intensity sessions, at least one day this weekend you should really crank it up.

Remember our 3-3-3 finisher .. 3 minutes, 3 exercises, 3 reps at a time each… well, this works sorta like that…

You’re going for 12 minutes.  Do a few minutes of mobility stuff first to make sure you shoulders, knees and his are all ready for action.

Format — 12 minutes AMRAP.  8 reps per exercise.  Pace yourself/rest as needed.

1. Burpees

2. Total Body Extensions

3. Heisman Hops

4. Pushups

5. Alternating Reverse Lunges

That’s it .. just keep rotating through for 12 minutes.  Modifications … eliminate the jump in the burpee, slow down the TBE, the Heismans can become side lunges, pushups either on your knees, elevated or turn them around if you can do reverse row.  The reverse lunges — watch your form.. keep the knees tracking with the feet, come back long and press down slowly and deeply.

For the next couple weeks, we’ll post suggested workouts now that the outdoor sessions have wrapped up.  Our fall session classes begin on Sept 17th.  See the Upcoming Classes link above for details.

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