Weekender – 9/7-8

Eeeek!  Late again (or perhaps I was just encouraging Saturday to be the non workout day…hmmmm).

Soccer season now in full swing and while my weeks have been full of soccer since early August, our first games were on Saturday so a full docket (albeit a lightning shortened day!).  Here’s an offering for today though .. since Thursday was pretty much all core and upper body, let’s do a leg day!

3 rounds,  30/10 format, rest 1 minute between rounds

Before starting, do a minutes of mobility warmup .. get your breathing in focus, get your body temp up, and get the fluid in the joints moving .. some jumping jacks, duck unders, heisman hops, skaters … all good..

1.  Prisoner Squat

2.  Alternating Reverse Lunge

3.  25 Yard Walking Lunge — do this in a semi circle and reverse directions each round

4.  Alternating Reverse Lunge

5.  Prisoner Squat

If you want to throw on a finisher … try this

50 yard sprint — x 5 … out at 90%, walk to start .. if you have a hill, even better…




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