Weekender – 9/28-29

Here’s your weekender…. this one will take a little longer, but it is shaping up to be quite a nice autumn weekend so enjoy it!  Do this either Saturday OR Sunday and just be mindfully active the other day .. a nice walk, some yoga, a light run, etc…

Do a few minutes of warmup … arm swings, a few jumping jacks, some half squats .. just a few minutes to loosen up and get your body temp up a bit..

4 Rounds of…..

1. Total Body Extension

2. walk/jog/run 200 yards

3. 10 pushups

4. walk/jog/run 200 yards

Rest for about a minute between rounds

** note — if you want to make the running piece be an even mile, extend the distance to 220 yards

Finish up with about a half mile brisk walk.


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