Weekender – 1/17-18

A week ago, the forecast for the week ahead looked splendid. Reality didn’t quite measure up and this morning we were barely above zero.  Saturday looks a little ominous — cold, blowy and snowy.  Oh well, this is Wisconsin after all!

So…. here’s your weekender.  We busted it pretty hard both sessions this week, we’ll back off just a tad for the weekend.

Tabata protocol — 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest X 8 rounds  (have you ordered your GymBoss timer yet .. handy to have!)

Do a few of minutes of warmup to get loosened up and your body temp raised and then…

Alternate between:

1. Prisoner Squats

2. Cross Body Mountain Climbers

Rest for 90 seconds and repeat (another 8 rounds in same format…)

Do a bit of post workout stretching to ease back to your day…

Given the weather forecast, the locals will probably want to do this on Saturday and then get outside for a nice walk on Sunday.

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