Weekend 300 and Next Week’s Programming

We’re going to try a little something new on Fridays .. giving you not only a suggested “weekender”, which will usually be a 300 rep routine, but also a sense of what is coming in the week ahead.  Unlike a gym teaching canned classes, every one of our sessions is fresh.  Many exercises and movements will be familiar but there will continue to be frequent additions to our “catalog” and of course, we’ll continue to use a wide variety of formats and timing schemes to keep things lively!

First up … your “Weekender”!!


300 reps total, split at follows.  You can do these in any sequence and break them up any way you want — we are accumulating a set amount of work over time (feel free to comment below with your time!!) and not specifically taking anything to failure.

Prisoner squats – 50

Plank Up/Downs – 50 (try to even it out left and right with the first arm to move)

Jumping jacks or Jumping Rope – 100

Pushup – 40

V-Sit Peddle – 40 (each side!!)

Burpees – 10


Here’s the forecast for next week….

Monday — circuit day.  We’ll do this as an all body weight circuit .. a mix of traditional cardio and strength

Tuesday — busting out the dumbbells and we’ll do a core and upper body focused session with a lot of combination moves.

Wednesday — no squats last week, so for those who missed them, well, you’re in for a treat !!

Thursday — high intensity cardio, most likely body weight only

Friday — tabata quartet featuring 4 completely new combination sequences

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