Wednesday, October 22nd

Wednesdays are ropes day in the studio .. today we borrow a little gimmick from a local trainer friend … you are on a “timer” while on the ropes — your timer is a partner who will do 5 topside down bosu pushups and 10 side kicks on the Wavemaster bags (5 each foot) before taking your place.  This also get previewed in our late evening Tuesday session (to begin a bit over an hour from time of writing.)

On the ropes, go back and forth between the alternating wave and the slam each time to your rotate back to the rope.  We will go 5 minute rounds, resting about 2 minutes between each round.

This may be a challenging one to do somewhere else (sorry…) as it requires several pieces of equipment and best (well, most fun anyway!) done with a partner.  However, you could roughly match up the movements with something like slam balls, any kind of pushup and bodyweight squats with a front kick .. go  30/30/30 transitioning a quickly as possible between exercises …. 3 or 4 times through, rest a minute or so and repeat 2 more times.

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