Wednesday, October 15th

Wednesdays are battling ropes day at No Bounds Wellness … this week we’re gonna change things up a bit (okay, we do that every day, but we’re even going to change our usual ropes format this week!)

We’ll do a single exercise on the ropes – the slam. Using the slam, we’ll go up and down t(and up again!) he ladder from 6-10, 10-1 and 1-5 — but here’s the twist.  After EVERY set of slams, do 5 pushups … so it looks like this…

10 slams/5 pushups   9 slams/5 pushups  8 slams/5 pushups … on down to 1 slam/5 pushups.

The slams will all look the same, but go ahead and change up the pushups.. lots to choose from.  This will give you a nice round 100 pushups and a little over a hundred slams.

If you are doing this on your own away from our studio, you can substitute a slam for for the rope slams, or even grab anything with a little bit of weight to it and do a squat, touching the weight to the floor, then explode upward, going to tiptoes and pushing the weight overhad.

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