Wednesday, May 6th

Hey hey, it’s ropes day!!  We’re keeping it nice and low this week .. no standing moves — sits, kneels and planks only on the ropes today.


Format – 40/40 x3 with 40 sec between rounds. 40 seconds on the ropes, then 4o of a bodyweight exercise so pair it up!

1a.  Sitting 2 hand wave  1b.  Single leg glute bridge (either leg – you’ll do the other one soon!)

2a.  Plank wave – left hand swing  2b.  Superman swimmer

3a.  Sitting double corkscrew   3b. Single leg glute bridge (the other leg!)

4a.  Plank wave – right hand swing   4b.  V-Sit peddle

5a.  Kneeling alternating wave  5b.  Up-Downs (knees to stand to knees to stand….)

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