Wednesday, March 18th – Late Night Edition

Wednesday is of course Ropes Day!  The morning session took a page out of the THRIVE! playbook but since we used that Tuesday night, we’ll change things up a bit for Wednesday’s late night ropes…. Curious but not yet a member? Come do a free preview!  We begin at 8:45 pm ..  out by 9:15!

40/20 — 5 moves, 4 rounds.  First rounds, swings only, follow on rounds with add a lower body component

1. Alternating wave – the old standby

2.  Sweeps

3.  Corkscrews

4.  The Jockeyropeman

5.  The Eagle.

Round 2 — repeat sequence adding squats (except #4)

Round 3 — repeat sequence, this time do from a deep squat stance (except #4)

Round 4 — again, same sequence except omit #4, from a kneeling position


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