Weather Event Notifications — Sonrise Boot Camp/A WOD in the Park

To clarify actions in the event that we need to call one off (like Tuesday, 6/17 might well be!!), here’s what will happen at approx 5:30 am.

1.  Twitter feed (@nbwcoach) will get updates … please follow!

2.  The Facebook page ( will get updated automatically by the Twitter post

3.  A notice will be posted here on the website (if you are subscribed to updates, that will generate an email notification but not necessarily real time…)

4.  I will send an email to all those who are registered/have been attending or who have at least indicated that they will be joining at some point.

5.  If desired, I can probably push out a text message as well … please drop me a line with your mobile number if you would also like a text message notification.


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