Why Wait Until New Years To Make a Resolution

You don’t need to go through the holidays to feel guilty about not actually starting what you know you’ve been thinking about. We’ve all been there. Great intentions overcome by … well… life.  It’s time to make yourself a priority. Not just for you but for the folks who rely on you.  Lacing up the running shoes probably doesn’t seem like such a great idea as I look outside today and see the signs of winter bearing down on us.  No need to wait though to get yourself in shape.  Instead of waiting 5 or 6 months, why not feel and look better and ready to take on new challenges at the point in time you would just be starting — or worse, just thinking more about starting!

Twice a week, 20-30 minutes in a supportive group setting.  Done for you workouts that scale and adapt to meet your current needs — whether that is a move from the couch or prep for a Spartan run next spring!   The goal is simple .. get active again. It is good for you and is a catalyst to reform other things you know you should change.  There’s no magic pill, diet or garment.  The time is going to pass anyway.  Make it count.

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