Turn 4 into 5!

Like many fitness oriented programs, we see our share of initial excitement that over time (sometimes only a very arivercutsthroughrockshort time!) diminishes.  This of course is a problem on all sorts of fronts. The key to progress in consistency. It is a vicious circle … you show up once a week or even not that often and think, hey, this isn’t really working for me. I’m not making any progress. Well .. duh … excuses don’t burn calories and you really ought to expect the results you don’t get for the work you don’t do.

Tough love aside, we’re always exploring different avenues to help you feel accountable.  Now anyone who knows me well knows that one thing that really yanks my chain, particularly in youth athletics, is the awarding a major prizes for simply participating. It devalues the efforts of the “winners” when everyone gets a prize with little distinction between prizes. Life ain’t gonna work that way later so I believe we do a disservice to young people when we reward bare minimum participation at the same level as truly hard work. The following might seem a little contrary to that philosophy, but I think as adults, we have a sense of perspective that overcomes any objections.

Going forward … NEW signups …. if you log 12 sessions in your first 30 days, we’ll tack on a free month.  It takes a while to form new habits and often, even a full month might now be enough for everyone but it certainly is a great starting point that is achievable.  So yeah, in a sense, I want to give you something for “showing up” … ah, but I know 1) how challenging that can be and 2) I REALLY know what you’re gonna do when you get here.   And the 4 into 5? We normally do membership blocks as 4 months, unlimited classes … show up a dozen times in that first month and your 4 months becomes 5!

So come on .. seasons are changing … time to stop putting it off .. give us a shout and come preview a session or two!


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