Tuesday, October 21st

Happy Tuesday … leg day!!

We’ve got a nice little foursome today .. we’ll go 1 minute each, with just enough time between exercises to transition equipment. We’ll be using the weighted toning bars, medicine balls, dumbbells and kettlebells.

1. Forward jump squats with medicine ball

2. Toning bar weighted walking lunge

3. Weighted duck walk

4. Single KB or DB squats (we’ll switch sides halfway through time)

We’ll go three rounds with the option for either a 4th round or a finisher….

If you’re on your own, we’re looking at approx 15 yd spans for the walks and jumps. For the lopsided squat, go as heavy as you can handle. You don’t have to clean it or press it, just get the weight into a racked position and away your go…

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