Tuesday, May 5th

exhaustedA little twist on some of the usual leg and core day routines …. we’re going to do 4 separate sets of movements. (well .. 5 .. for Cinco de Mayo .. read all the way to the end!!)

It is okay to look like this when done!! ——————————————————————–>

Format 60/30 x 3 rounds – complete all 3 rounds at each set before moving on to the next set. We’ll rest for 1 minute transtion from set to set.

A.  Start with a burpee .. then do a broad jump forward and do another burpee.  Backpedal to your starting point. Repeat…

B.  Front loaded – use a dumbbell, kettlebell, cage bag or sandbag.  Sequence squat – side lunge – reverse lunge. Repeat alternating sides.

C.  Bottom up kettlebell.  Hold in top position and stand up. Return to knees. Do 5 reps and switch arms.  Repeat for timed duration

D.  2 exercises, simply alternate between them.  D1 – V-Sit Peddle  D2 – Superman Takeoffs

…. and to honor Cinco de Mayo we’ll get in a 5th sequence as a finisher …. 5 rounds of 20/10 .. plank hold for the 20s, jump up and do a single squat on the 10s…

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