Tuesday, May 26th

Back after a long weekend .. we’ll add a little extra cardio to the Tuesday legs/glutes/core session…afterlegday

1 minute each of A, B, C which consist of 10 reps of an exercise, then finish up with a specific core move. 5 rounds total.  So, Round 1 = A+FUW, B+FUW, C+FUW for a total of 3 minutes per round. We’ll rest a minute between rounds and repeat for a total of 5 rounds. A-B-C stay the same, FUW changes each round.

A. Side Squat Hop (3x right and 3x left return – count reps in both directions) Round 1 FUW=Plank
Round 2 FUW=Side Plank
Round 3 FUW=Side Plank (other side…)
Round 4 FUW=Body Saw
Round 5 FUW=Plank Jack
B.  Forward/Backward Duck Walk (8 ft or 2 tile squares – again, count the reps in both directions)
C.  Skater Jump (the 10x is each side, do NOT count a rep in BOTH directions!)
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