Tuesday, May 12th

legendarylegdaySo we come back around to leg day!! Gotta love leg day….  and this week, we’re not mixing it up with a bunch of “intentional” core stuff to take breaks <gr> … today, nuthin’ but legs and glutes!

Part 1:

7 minutes AMRAP, continuous loop of 7 reps each:

1. Goblet Squats (light bell – you will use again in #3)

2. Power Jacks

3.  Goblet Skater Lunge (no jump in this one ..)

At the end of the 7 minutes, immediately proceed to the perimeter and take a duck walking lap.  Rest as needed but no more than 2 minutes, then move to Part 2.

Part 2:

Take a duck walking lap going the other direction, then…

3 rounds of the following, 10 reps each side for both exercises

1.  Alternating reverse lunge + front kick

2.  Alternating side lunge with center squat

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