Tuesday, March 24th (Group and THRIVE!)

squat_silTHRIVE! Tuesdays will have a lower body focus (core and upper body Thursdays) and since this week’s Tuesday group is a leg and glutes week, we’ll share the workout!

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We’ll go 45/15 for 9 moves, looping through them twice with an empty 75 seconds between rounds.

1.  Alternating Reverse Lunge

2.  Squat and Reach with Crossover

3.  X Mat Crossings

4.  Donkey Kicks – Right Leg

5.  Donkey Kicks – Left Leg

6.  Squat Pulsesthrive

7.  Skaters with Floor Touch

8.  Duck Walk — 5 up/5 back

9.  Combo Lunge/Squat/Lunge

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