Tuesday, March 17th

If you happen to be a reader who periodically finds one of these useful for your home workout, today is a bonus!! We have 3 different class formats now on Tuesday, so here is the lineup…

Regular Group (5:15 and 6 am, 8:45 pm)

40/20 x 2 rounds  — Abs + Legs/Glutes!

1. Plank Jackbodyweight_sil

2. Skater Touches

3. V-Sit Peddle

4. Alt Reverse Lunge (amp it up doing split jumps instead!)

5.  Hip Dips

6.  Squat pulses (in groups of 10)

7.  Gecko

8.  Hip Bridge (3 count hold)

9.  Spider climbers — pace determines intensity!)



We’ll open THRIVE! on the battling ropes … 30/20 — 5 moves, 4 rounds.  First rounds, swings only, follow on rounds with add a lower body component

1. Alternating wave – the old standby

2.  Dog Sled

3.  Snakes

4.  Corkscrewsthrive

5.  The Eagle.

Round 2 — repeat sequence adding alternating reverse lunges

Round 3 — repeat sequence, this time adding side lunges

Round 4 — again, same sequence, this time with squats.

4x4x4 Tabata Boot Camp

Upper 4x4x4tabatabootcampBody — Med Ball Push then Press

Core — Hip Dips

Lower Body — Spider Climbers

Full Body — Single Leg Burpee

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