Tuesday, December 23rd

For Tuesday this week, we’ll do a pair of core circuits

(Monday nighters… you can choose iDraw-TireRope-tshirt-kettle-Left-e1408446939365between this one and the Monday morning legs/glutes session!)

Circuit 1 (Med Ball) —  30/15 x 3

Seated Twist w/ Taps

Kneeling Rainbows

Seated Twist – Straight Arm

Kneeling Woodcutters

Circuit 2 (Body weight)  — 30/15 x 3

Plank Jacks

Plank Side Taps

Hip Dips

Plank Hold

Time permitting, we’ll finish if off with 3 rounds of Squats/Pushups/Burpees  15/10/5

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