Training Log – Sunday, July 13th

Quite warm and steamy day here in southeast Wisconsin … and it’s the weekend, so time for bells to be swingin’!!  The weather and a freshly cut lawn just begged for a barefoot session — these are important!  (Wonder why? Drop me a note below!)

Todays session is a simple one as kettlebells lend themselves so well to drop dead simple…

14 minutes on the clock, AMRAP, 3 rep each per round

1.  Swing (24 Kg) — this started as a double swing but couldn’t find the groove on the double even dropping to the 16 Kg bell, so just went to the 2 hand swing with the heavier bell ….. lesson here is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY — if something ain’t working, adjust rather than forcing it and perhaps risking injury.

2.  Double Clean and Push Press (16 Kg)

3.  Double Front Squat (16 Kg)

Have a question? Drop a note to me below…

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