Top 10 – New U6 Soccer Parents

We haven’t done a “think about this” kind of piece for a while, but since I’ve come out of retirement to coach a U6 u_littlesand U10 team and manage a U8 group, a little lighthearted advice for new soccer parents (and maybe a couple reminders for the old timers..) seems in order!  So, here’s my top 10 list of things that (especially new) U6 soccer parents need to keep in mind!

10.  Your primary job is to sit close enough to the touchline (translation: sidelines) to keep the ball on the field and in play!

9.   Don’t run away – that swarm coming at you is not bees, it’s just your kids!
8.  If you have to yell, cheer. They can’t do anything with what you’re yelling anyway but their little brains sure can store away the difference between positive and negative feedback!
7.  No, they didn’t do that on purpose. Enjoy the moment anyway!
6.  The most important part of the game comes 2 minutes after the last whistle when the snack cooler opens!
5.  Cheer for the other team too!
4.  The only game analysis for the ride home needs to assess whether your child had fun!
3.  Reminder – they’re not even in elementary school yet!
2.  They don’t stay little for long … savor these minutes!
1.  There is no sure thing!
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