Thursday, May 14th

We amp up the cardio on Thursdays .. so let’s HIIT it!  here’s a 10 exercise sequence .. we’ll go 45/15 x 2 rounds, letshiititresting for 2 minutes between the rounds.  This is a small space session — good for a hotel workout!  We’ll divide the room into individual rectangles to give everyone their own little piece of real estate…

1.  Burpee with side jump (omit the pushup)

2. Plank Jack

3.  Lunge pulses – left leg back

4.  Lunge pulses – right leg back

(note — if you want to really jack those up, turn that pulse into a jump)

5. High plank sitouts

6.  V-sit foot grabs

7.  Seal Jacks

8.  Bear crawl — forward/backward

9.  Squat jumps (or squat jacks, you pick)

10. Cross body mountain climber (or spider climber, you pick..)

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