Thursday, April 16th

We’re going to center this one around pairs of cones … pure bodyweight, high intensity cardio…

Each athlete (yes, you are all athletes….!!) will have a pair of cones 6-8 feet apart.  You will begin the time block between then and quickly cover a figure 8 around them, returning to the mid point and executing the specific exercise. Repeat for duration.  In the alternate time block (the format will be 45/30), you’ll do the prescribe exercise for the duration.

1a  Figure 8 shuttle with center BURPEEwhenlifeknocksyoudown

1b  Standing jabs

2a  Figure 8 shuttle with center MOUNTAIN CLIMBER x4 reps – 2 each leg

2b  Squat to alternating front kick

3a  Figure 8 shuttle with center HIP DIP x 4 reps – 2 each side

3b  Standing uppercuts

4a  Figure 8 shuttle with center SPRAWL x 4 reps

4b  Standing knee to elbow crunches


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