Thrive! Begins March 17th

Another class is coming to No Bounds Wellness .. this one is directed towards the ladies…  You are anything but ordinary, so why settle for ordinary workouts!!  Stop just surviving .. it is time for you to THRIVE!

We’ve known for a number of years now that longer workouts are simply not necessary and in fact, low to moderate intensity cardio for long periods (think .. 35+ minutes…) actually can trigger a fat retaining mechanism in your body. Running (at least 97% of the “running” I see here in town), treadmills, ellipticals and so on ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND.  How about something that takes half the time and isn’t so mind numbing!


=> short sessions, in and out in under 30 minutes

=> burn fat, tone and sculpt muscle to put the curves in the right places!

=> build functional strength and endurance

=> eliminate burnout — every workout is new!

=> no worries about offensive lyrics in soundtracks .. I mean really, is that necessary?

=> accessible to the “choreographically challenged”  (we don’t dance… we’d like to but pretty hard to do everything above if your workout is just dancing .. love the stuff, but it just isn’t enough for what you really want to accomplish!)


=> 12 to 22 minutes of workout bookended by a dynamic warmup and a stretching cooldown

=> work with ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells and medicine balls as the “go-to” tools

=> everything adaptable to YOUR level of fitness .. go gentle or go full out beast mode .. you’re only competing with yourself!

THRIVE! will begin on March 17th .. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30-11 am at our studio.

Signup for THRIVE! is open.  Click the button below! $24.95/month for THRIVE! or become a regular studio members (details HERE) and have access to all of our class AND access to private 1 on 1 and pairs training.

Click below to sign up for a month of THRIVE!

Questions?  Click the contact us link above or catch up we me at the studio!

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