THRIVE! – 4/8/15


Since we did nearly all legs/glutes on Monday, we changed up to something a little different for Tuesday’s THRIVE! Wednesday we’ll let the participants make the call between a leg day (below) and the amped up cardio of the Wednesday group rope sessions (see HERE).  If we go with legs/glutes, it will look like this…

60/30  x 3 rounds continuoussquat_sil

Squat  + Side Leg Raise (alternating sides)

With Plate — 30 seconds, knees to duck squat, then 30 seconds duck to step up duck  (yes, we’ll demonstrate this .. it doesn’t translate well to words!)

Again with riser – step up, kick back

Squat + alternating duck skaters (again, the demo clearer than the name!)

Then, with single riser – hi/lo, in/out squats with riser center

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