THRIVE! – 3/26/15

thriveHere’s the THRIVE! session for Thursday, 3/26.  If anyone is left standing after the Thursday night 4x4x4 Tabata Boot camp, the late night workout will be similar to this!  THRIVE! is absolutely FREE for the remainder of March! Come check it out!

Combo Ropes and some assorted glute focused chicanery…..

Round 1:

45 seconds alternating wave – narrow to wide to narrow to wide to ….  Then … rope to floor nice and tidy and duck walk to the hub …. and come back to start going backwards.  Finish round 1 with 10 bodyweight squats

———- rest … probably about a minute

Round 2:

45 seconds of The Jockey …. Then… rope floor nice and tidy and duck walk sideways with toes facing ropes .. down to hub and then back (remain facing the same direction…).  Finish round 2 with 20 alternating reverse lunges (10 each leg)

——— rest … probably about a minute

Round 3:

45 seconds of Twin Corkscrews .. Then .. yep, you got it. Walking lunge to hub, backward walking lunge back.  Finish round 3 with 20 Skater Touches (10 to each side)

…… then repeat the whole thing!

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