THRIVE! – 3/19/15


We continue the free previews of THRIVE! today … please RSVP to Coach Jim in some way and let me know you’ll be there but we’re staying in preview mode through the end of March!

Today’s THRIVE! will be on the battling ropes with a few tweaks from the Tuesday session … 30/15 — 6 moves, 4 rounds.  First round will be swings only, follow on rounds with add a lower body component onto 4 of the 6 moves.

1. Alternating wave – the old standby!

2.  Snakes

3.  Corkscrews

4.  Jockey (same as the dogsled, but with jumps!)

5.  Reverse Dogsled with jump

6.  Eagle

Follow on rounds will add a lower body movement on 1, 2, 3 and 6 (#4 and #5 remain the same all four rounds)

Round 2 — repeat sequence adding alternating reverse lunges

Round 3 — repeat sequence, this time adding side lunges

Round 4 — again, same sequence, this time with squats.

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