The Weekender Returns


We’re getting back into the flow … 6+ months in the new studio behind us. A wonderful core group of folks showing up very consistently to turn the aging process into the joy that it should be and the long range weather forecast is actually showing real signs that Spring will soon be in the air (never mind I have to skim a thin layer of snow off the walks before our early morning Friday sessions!!)

We welcome back our weekly tidbit to get you through the weekend should you desire to do something more rigorous than the brisk walk we want you doing every weekend.  The minimal formula … do a workout every other day but listen to your body. Recover a second day if you need it — but never a third.  Eat real food. Hydrate.  Rest. Spend time on your relationships, including the one with your Creator.  Over in the sidebar, you see some links to things I do outside the studio. Honestly, I write equivalent workout to these every day but sometimes it just feels good to let someone else take the wheel.

Here’s a quick 12 minute session you can do Saturday or Sunday (our studio sessions Monday are full body workouts so whatever you do on the weekend will work to lead you in Monday):

Set a timer (click on the Gymboss link to the right if don’t have something .. lots of phone apps available for free though!) for 45 seconds work/15 seconds rest and do the following loop 3 times:

1.  Alternating Reverse Lunge

2.  Jumping Jacks (step them to eliminate the impact)

3.  T-Pushups

4.  Bodyweight only squats

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