The Weekender – July 25/26

We woke up to another gorgeous day here in southeast Wisconsin. Humidity is up a touch but morning temps are pleasant and the light breeze lessens the muggy feeling.  If you’re a runner, you’ve got a great morning to get in a few miles .. if not, it is a glorious morning to get in a nice brisk walk!  (you know already I’d prefer you did the latter of the two unless you’re really pushing the pace).  If you are wanting to get a more intense session in this weekend, here’s a collection of moves from which to piece together your 300 reps.


Plank Jacks

Push Presses (or go deep and make them thrusters…)

Prisoner Squats


Break these up any way you want to and do in any order .. the most demanding way would be to go through in sequence, 75 reps each before moving to next .. if you do them this way, I’d recommend going in reverse order.. get those burpees behind you .. much easier to hold good form on the others than when doing burpees after you are tired!

See ya Monday for a nifty pyramid style full body cardio session!!!

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