The Weekender – Independence Day Weekend


Here in the United States, we celebrate our Independence Day this weekend .. though much is made about the significance of July 4th, 1776, one could reasonably argue for July 2nd and some might even consider some other day given that while independence was declared in 1776, it would be years before it was actually achieved!

Speaking of significance, we’re going give you a simple framework around which to build your own weekender.. the number “300” has great resonance for us .. many are familiar with various collections of 300 from ancient armies and even the Bible mentions the number no less than 30 times  .. for us, it is a nice round number that allows us to get in a rigorous session in a reasonable amount of time…

So.. here’s what you do … pick 6 exercises, do 50 reps of each. Voila. 300 reps.  A bit of warmup before, a bit of stretching after.  You can do all 50 of each together or split them up. Just get 50 done of each!  Do this one of the weekend days .. the other get in a brisk walk.  Sure, you’re likely to indulge a bit at whatever you do in way of celebrating over the weekend but this will keep you on track. A suggested group of six might look like this:

 50 reps each of:

Jumping Jacks



Mountain Climbers (that’s 50 each leg…)

Total Body Extensions

V-Sit Cross Body Punches (again, 50 each arm…)

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