The Weekender, 4/11-12


Although we got yet more rain in the forecast for the weekend, we also have some sun and warmer temps .. so try to get outside and enjoy some fresh air if you can … and we’ll get sprints back in the mix now that we’ll have opportunity to get out into more open space!!

Here’s a little something to do one of the weekend days .. try for a nice brisk walk the other day!

3 rounds of….

25 jumping jacks –> 75 yard run (if you haven’t run for a while, only go about 70% .. we’ll work up to sprints!) –> 25 pushups –> 75 yard run back to the start.

Monday we have our weekly circuit day …. if you’ve been curious, Monday’s are a great day to come in and do a free preview!!  Click the link to the right and let us know to expect you!

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