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These are not meant to be just random snippets of exercise combinations.. you can find plenty of those on cropped-logo2015_512x512.jpgPinterest! These are real workouts — the ones we do day in and day out at our studio.  Why do we publish them? Can’t people just do them at home?  Of course!! And if that’s your thing, we’re happy to provide you with some ideas. But our
thing is community.  Sure, you could do many of these at home .. but 1) you probably wouldn’t do them with the same intensity that you would in group and 2) actually, you probably would just abandon everything after a fairly short time. Without a community around you, very few can actually stay with a program over the long haul — even if everything is laid out for them.  Just press play?  Yep, for a few months you can probably hang in there and there are a number of really slick programs out there (ping me, I’ll tell you which ones I really like!).  But give me a group of friends around me. That’s what keeps me going!

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