I spent several decades coaching youth soccer … Over the years, I’ve heard lots of stuff from the sidelines, a good deal of commentary before and after games, and more often than I guess one expects these days, some really great feedback in email.  Here is a sampling (player names have been deleted!!)

Fresh off the press … I was really blessed this past season to have just awesome co-coaches on both teams … this first one is directed as much to one of them!!

  • Thank you so much  for all of  your hard work, commitment and dedication.  My Daughter was blessed to be able to play this spring for not only good coaches, but good men.  God bless you both for all you do for our children. — A U14 Parent

    Always nice to hear from grandparents!!! Here’s one from a very involved grandparent who herself has many years of coaching in her background…
  • And I thank you for the time you give to the kids. Not only are you a good teacher, you’re an outstanding role model. Unlike some coaches, you don’t stand on the sidelines and yell at the kids…or worse yet yell at the referees. The kids see the difference between you and others. 
  • Thank you for all that you do for our kids through the sport of soccer. I really appreciate your commitment to character development and health of our kids. And my daughter has developed a love of soccer under your leadership. Thank you for your passion and healthy perspective about what is really important.  — a U12 Parent from my team
  • I do know that my daughter would love to practice with you anytime. She was crying last night because she was maybe going to miss tonite because of our own logistics! . — a U12 Parent from another team who came often to our sessions
  • Thanks so much for all the time, energy and expertise that your put in to coaching!  My son had a fabulous time on Saturday and was really enthusiastic about the indoor game. I really appreciate the opportunities that you are providing for him and other rec players.  — U12 Parent
  • Thanks for your understanding.  My daughter  has been fighting something since Saturday.  She has LOVED playing with the team.  She thinks the world of you and talks about how nice you are every time she practices and plays. I am glad that you feel she is giving it her all.  She hasn’t played for almost a year so I guess she is probably lagging a bit.  I cannot tell as I have no soccer savvy whatsoever.  You would think after watching it for 18 years I would know what is going on.  Ugh!!  All I know is that they need to get the ball in the goal!  The team looks very good!  I guess the loss of two key players may have took a bit of a toll.  Thanks for making soccer fun for my daughter again.  I hope she regains enough love for the sport that she wants to continue in high school.  — U14 Parent after her daughter missed a training session due to illness
…. this has to be the all time favorite ….. “Thank you for all you have done to invest into my daughter and build her character…it takes a village, and I am glad you live in mine!” — U14 parent whose daughter has been with me for a few years

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