Tabata Thursday – 3/19/15

Here is the lineup of tonite’s 4 sequence for our 4x4x4 Tabata Bootcamp.  Drop ins are welcome!!  Just $5, but first timers, please take advantage of a free preview session!

wannatabataUpper – Tricep Pushups (keep elbows in tight to body – we can elevate these if needed using the cage bags.

Lower –  combo — rev lunge left, squat, rev lunge right, squat, rev lunge left, (you get the idea…)

Core – V-Sit cross body punches (weights optional) – if you are unable to keep your heels off the floor, you can back this down to Russian twists with a medicine ball

Full Body – Sit Throughs – note that this move requires a fair degree of mobilty — a stepping version of a burpee is a good substitite

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