Tabata Boot Camp Debuts on March 3rd!

Our normal sessions are designed to scale to a wide variation in fitness levels … those are staying, but for those looking for a format to really kick it up a notch, here we go!!  Note — while the intensity is going way up, we’ll continue to spin ONLY playlists free of explicit lyrics.  For those interested but not quite ready to go full on beast mode, fear not — the movements are not advanced and you can adjust the pace and intensity to your level. Just expect an even higher level of enthusiasm over our regular sessions….

Introducing 4x4x4 Tabata Bootcamp!!  Begins March 3rd, 2015!

Torch body fat, build lean muscle. Look and feel great!  


Every Tuesday and Thursday, 8:15-8:45  (normal group session will continue to follow at 8:45!)  You do NOT need to be a member to join these boot camp sessions.  Drop ins are just $5 per session!  (an RSVP is always appreciated but not required!) For members, this class just becomes part of our normal schedule. All members have unlimited access to every class we run.  (This will bring the class total up to 14 every week plus members always are free to schedule private and pairs sessions in the mini studio!).  To become a regular member, you can register HERE  Single member cost is $119, Couples/families $149

Want to make it easy a month at a time? $24.95/month. Click below!

4 different sequences for a full body session, 4 Tabata format 4 minute sequences.  In and out in 30 minutes.  Some evenings will feature multiple exercises in each sequence or we may isolate and hit legs/glutes for one, core for another, arms and shoulders for a third and perhaps round out the four with a compound full body movement.

The 30 minute session could looks like this:

5 minute dynamic warm up

Sample Tabata #1  BTW – You go full out balls to the wall (for those who are inclined to be surprised by that expression, it is actually an aviation phrase.. not what you’ve always thought!) each work period.

10 sec prep … alternate 20 second work block between squats and jump lunges

Sample Tabata #2

10 sec prep … alternate 20 second work blocks between dumbbell thrusters and pushups

Sample Tabata #3

10 sec prep … alternate 20 sec works blocks between plank holds and high plank shoulder taps

Sample Tabata #4

10 sec prep … 20 sec work blocks single leg burpees, alternate leg each round

Finish with a 5 minute stretching cooldown.



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