Sweetening the Deal!

sweetenthedealNo, not like that!  (come on, you know that stuff is practically poison .. at the very least, addictive!!).

Since we’ve already learned from week 1, the Wisconsin weather is probably going to play a little more havoc with the boot camp schedule than I had hoped … so … I’ve got a little something to even things out a bit..

Many of my regular winter group have done some studio sessions and have various numbers of session credits already paid but I’m going to take care of you too!

For all paid registrations to the Sonrise Boot Camp …. unlimited studio sessions for NO ADDITIONAL COST through 8/31/14.  If you have credits already, you can take advantage of this without using any of your prepaid credits.  Schedules being what they are and on top of that battling the whacky Wisconsin weather, there may be days or even weeks that the early morning just doesn’t work for you.  I still want you to get your workouts done!   See that little button off the right that says “Book Appointment”?  All you need to do is click it and schedule a session.  As long as your are already registered for the boot camp … you’re good to go.

If you’re not with us yet, what are you waiting for?   Jump over HERE to register!

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