Summer Programs Q&A

Nice to hear the interest in the summer programs! Since I am hearing a few of the same questions over and over, I thought I’d take a few minutes to address those. Some are fairly obvious but maybe made you shake your head and go, huh?.  Others are stuff I probably should have just put on the event page. But here goes…

Q.  Is there a weekly fee?

A.  There is one flat fee for the entire summer.  If you want a little math, taking out the 4th of July gives us 54 possible days.  I’ll make the assumption that I’m the only one that will be there every day. The duration is enough to build yourself a habit.  I would recommend 2 or 3 days a week but you are welcome to do whatever you feel you want/need. Folks have summer plans and a pass for the whole eleven weeks gives you flexibility to use the days as best works for you. Even if you go just one a week, still a great deal.

Q. How will we know about a cancellation for a particular day?

A. One thing we can be certain of with Wisconsin weather is we’re going to miss a day or two.  These will be communicated in multiple ways — all of which will you to be plugged into something early in the morning.  Expect 1) and email, 2) a text if you provide a text-able mobile number 3) announcement here on the web site which will in turn fire announcements to the Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.  So I encourage you to follow us on one or more of those (see the links top right of page)

Q. I have worked out for a long time. Is this right for me?

A. The workouts are designed to be scalable to you level of fitness and desire for intensity. Most exercises have modifications to both decrease or increase intensity, range of motion, speed, impact, etc..  We will do a lot of “sprints”, but you can work up to them. The workout will prescribe “traversing a distance” — you decide how to do that ranging from a full out spring to a reasonably brisk walk.

Q. Just 30 minutes?

A.  Actually, more like 20 and under.  We’ll warm up and cool down, sometimes very formally, sometimes not so much but yes, the workout itself  will be short and intense.  Exercise science over the past decade is pretty convincing that long (and usually boring….) workouts like you’d do on a club on a machine or running at only a very moderate pace actually can work against goals such as losing weight.  If you have questions or would like to hear more detail on this, just holler!

Q. What’s with the name of the event?

A.  Not quite a coincidence that we’ll be a Church property. Jim has an advanced degree in ministry and is currently in school for further study in theology. No Bounds Wellness is veteran owned, family centered and faith focused.  We’re not starting each day with a formal prayer service but we probably will at least say thanks to our Creator for waking us up and gathering us.

Q. Do I need to bring anything?

A. That’s up to you. Note for the boot camp, it is early in the morning and mostly on the grass. You might want to bring a mat or towel if you have any allergy type problems around grass or if you’re concerned about the wet grass.  Pretty nice grass field so barefoot works too! The other thing we may or may not encounter is insects. Mosquitos and gnats are just part of summer in Wisconsin.   And well, bring a water bottle. There will likely be a large water cooler on site, but it is just a good habit to carry water with you whether you are headed off to exercise or not.

Q. What is different about the one day off site?

A.  Either Wednesdays or Fridays (but looks like Wednesdays right now..) will be held just down the road to the south at the sledding hill a Mee-Kwon park. Although once upon a time I was a minor celebrity in my hometown as a middle distance runner, ran a lot of road races and even a 20 miler (no marathons though…. and not on my bucket list anymore…) my take on running for fitness these days goes like this…. if you’re gonna run (and you should…), you should either be moving like you are being chased and running up a hill.  I’m not much of a graceful sprinter but we all look equally awful on hills .. misery loves company, right?

Q.  Is the Tuesday night program really free?

A. Yes. It is my main form of advertising. (or you could look at it as a mimic of the economic model of a very large software company who has a track record of giving some stuff away til you’re hooked on their product and then charging for it or more premium things).  And besides, Tuesday nights are fun. We’re usually at a park with a playground .. bring the kids .. let them play. They are in sight while you work out. All good.

Have other questions?  Simply complete the form below … I’ll answer yours and perhaps add it for all to read..


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