Summer 2014 Week 1 Recap!

So… we got off to a bit of a rocky start to the Sonrise Boot Camp, getting weathered out by lightning on both Day 2 and 3 of the very first week, but things are looking better for the coming week.   Thursday was damp but mostly without anything falling on us.  Friday .. well … most of the morning in southeast Wisconsin was rainy but we Sonrise Boot Camp -- Week 1powered through it!  We’ll fire back up Monday with a suspension focused workout and cover a little bit of ground as well — something we’ll plan to do every Monday.  For the weekend, try to get a 30 minute brisk walk in at least one day.   If you’re sore, good for you!! That means you’re pushing hard enough!  But do get in that walk .. good for you and helps you with recovery.  The workouts page is HERE.  If you haven’t registered yet,  please consider joining us!!  Click HERE for that page.

Next week we also fire up the 2 evenings each week of the free A WOD in the Park summer series.  A couple people asked me about this being free and why I would be offering a free program while I was also running paid sessions.  A reasonable question I suppose, but here’s the thing.  Folks who are serious about forming a good set of lifestyle habits around exercise and diet are going to go a step beyond.  They will pay for a program and trust that they are getting value by participating.  In return, I’m going the extra mile for them.  Not only are they getting a bit more methodical programming, but also have unlimited access to private sessions whether to perfect a skill, get some extra focused work toward a specific goal or just fill in some gaps if they can’t make a morning.

Our evenings serve a wider community. Oh, to be sure, we’ve got a few hard core folks that just come to everything but I also want to make sure that we clear some barriers.  If you have kids, know that every one of these park sessions will be at a local park with a playground very close to where we run the session (and in some cases, we’ll actually use some of the playground equipment!).  We’ve added a second night (now on Tuesdays and Thursdays) to be a little more available to most schedules.  These workouts will not follow any sort of progression — rather they are meant to show you 1) that you can work out pretty much anywhere just by being creative with the surroundings and 2) I want to introduce you to my methods — and yes, that is in hopes that you decide you want something more!  But if not, then at least have fun with it!!  The methods seem a tad unorthodox at first (especially if you spend time at a gym on a treadmill/elliptical), but understand that the fitness industry needs to keep marketing stuff at you to sustain itself.. the latest program, diet or gadget.  And machines. All those shiny machines.   Plurf.   You’ve probably noticed that those machines are somewhat boring .. duh .. and well, they aren’t really transforming you.  And if you run, well, nothing particularly wrong with running, but if you’re just plodding along, you’re probably doing more damage than good. I admire you commitment, but let’s make better use of the time.

We all have a body and while it didn’t come with a manual, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn how to optimally operate it.  This is about reclaiming the mobility we enjoyed as children (for real!)  We use simple, accessible tools when we use tools at all .. our favorites are the battling ropes, kettlebells and suspension trainers.  However, we’ll do some sessions with nothing more than what you come with.  And bring the kids .. the little ones can hit the playground and you can keep them in view .. those a tad older, maybe 4th grade and up, should join in. Make fitness/wellness a family event.

The weekly schedules showing the location and what we’ll be doing are HERE.

Have a question?  Please ask away… drop me a line with the form below.

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