Start. Stop. Eeeeek!

The changeover from the summer to the school year takes a huge toll on those of us whose life revolves around not just soccer, dance, tae kwon do, music lessons, lacrosse, etc, etc … but also quite literally around the school year.  There’s always some schedule adjustment in play and for whatever reason this year seems as challenging as I can remember.  One thing that seems to go onto the back burner is taking care of ourselves.  If you have fairly recently begun a fitness program only to have had the wheels come off recently, you’re probably feeling the same way.

There comes a time however that we need to pick up the pieces and get on with it .. we’re a month and a half into the getbackonthewagonnew school year.  Once we fall off that wagon, it is way too easy to just sit on the ground.  You don’t have to let a bad week or even a bad month take you out of the game.  Take stock and decide that by Friday you are going to have a plan for next week to get at least 2 workouts done (3 would be better!!) and then don’t let anything get in the way. Once you back away for even must 3 straight days, you’ll find it very easy to make excuses.  Maybe you’ll need to go through this restart process more than once .. maybe even many more time than just one.  It will be okay. The journey is worth it. You are worth it. Your family is worth it.  You can do this. One day at a time.

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