Spring Trio Special!

Well, for now I guess we’ll call it a Lent “Trinity” special, but if we can hang in there just a little bit longer, Spring is bound to show up!  So here’s a little something for new clients only (or, I guess one of you regulars could be a part of this — would still be a deal for the newcomers!).

Groups of 3 — come train for $20 .. yes, that’s $20 TOTAL per session for groups of 3 for as many sessions as you want to book through the end of April .. I’m certain that at least 4 or 5 of those days will be Spring.  Come the 1st of May, we’ll probably launch right into summer.  Regular price after 3/31 would be $21 per person so this is like getting three for the price of one!  To book this, just one person should book but provide all three names on the same reservation.  If you schedule recurring sessions, we’ll go ahead and set up a coordinated program with guidance for days you don’t train with us.

Ready ??

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