So How Did That Ever Turn Out?

A distant friend aware of my freak injury in late August inquired today how things turned out … well … truth be told, the jury is still out, but there have been some interesting twists, so here goes..

We’ll start at the beginning .. home, Sunday night, August 24th. I step on something which punctures my right foot just below and between the fourth the pinky toe.  Prime suspect is a toothpick, found intact at the site of the incident. No particular evidence that anything was left behind and toothpick is unharmed.  A highly improbable thing, but as plausible an explanation as we had.

Things seem to get a little better throughout the week and by Thursday, I run my boot camp sessions participating fully and in little to no discomfort.  Then the whole thing started to turn ugly.  Swelling, pressure and a bit of discoloration. I see my doctor on Friday and she puts me on a course of antibiotics … over the long holiday weekend, swelling goes down quite a bit but the top of the foot becomes ulcerated.  I see her again on Tuesday and she sends me to the ER, where they slice open the top and drain it. X-ray taken to look for anything inside. Nothing detected.  I go on a second course of antibiotics.

Over the course of the following week things seem to be progressing. I see my primary care doc again on Friday and we’re satisfied things are healing welling.

This past Monday, I coached my cross country practice, logging a good bit of walking time but feeling pretty good.  Once foot_20140914back home, I remove the dressing and clean the wound to let it air as my doc wants it exposed as much as possible.  Here’s where things get really curious.  I see  something in the wound which turned out to be .. yep, a piece of toothpick. A quick extraction (sounds bad, but really wasn’t all at…) and finish cleaning up.   Now we’re getting somewhere .. I’ve had no pain since and we’re definitely in healing mode.

One little snag … mid week I started having a reaction to the second antibiotic.  So now I have a note in my chart to stay away from sulfa drugs!

So, here we are, three weeks later and he’s the current status…..

No shoe on it yet, but I am fired up to begin teaching again tomorrow morning!! Please, no staring at the ugly foot!!


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