Second Chances and New Opportunities!

So we’ve circled around to another page on the calendar … and this time, probably a whole new calendar. It is a fairlycropped-logo2015_512x512.jpg trivial thing in reality. Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday. Same thing happened a week ago and the same thing will happen next week. But this one is always different. This one we usually think about a little bit harder. And we should lest we keep writing 2015 on checks!

You probably made a resolution or two last year .. maybe you voiced those and maybe you kept them to yourself just in case you bailed out .. if no one knew, well, no harm, no foul right?  Well today you get at least a psychological fresh start. Turn the page and start over. Write a better story this time.  Okay, I know .. you’ve probably been here before and wonder why even bother.  And perhaps you are right. Year after year we seem to set ourselves up for more failures than successes and that does weight on us.

I’m not making resolutions this year; I actually haven’t done that in the traditional sense for a while. But I do like to take this first day of the new year to put some targets out in front of me.  These are more like a to-do list.  They are milestones on paths I’ve already been traveling – some of these paths have been toward the light out of dark places and some have been wonderful growth journeys.

On the homefront … we have a large and busy family – sometimes overwhelmingly busy but truth be told, that part isn’t really out of hand. The kids may have more than one significant activity but those tend to be in different areas. I look at this more like having a plan B … but a consequence of the busy-ness is the chaos that ensues trying to run a household. Stuff piles up .. this year I hope to reduce the footprint of the stuff that has piled up such that we can recover use of a room in our basement and the office on the main living floor.

On the education front …. I’ve done a lot of graduate level coursework.  In the early 90s, I completed a masters in a technical field. In 2012, a completed another in ministry. I had a setback last fall when I should have completed my third one in religious studies.  We had a particularly challenging last four months of the year and I ended up taking my first incomplete as I could not finish up my culminating synthesis paper as scheduled.  I’m taking an extra semester of classes and finishing that up under a little less pressure. This should be an enriching experience as I thought my last comprehensive exam was .. I intend to make it such over the next 60 days or so.

On the fitness front …. I got the double under monkey off my back last summer … 2 targets for the coming year. First, back at those pesky double unders — I want to string 5 of them together. This will prove to me that the occasional one I can must now isn’t just accidental.  Second, I’m looking to be able to do 10 strict form dead hang pullups.  I haven’t tested myself on this for a while but I’m sure I can’t muster close to 10.

On the “business” front … honestly, it is challenging for me to think about No Bounds Wellness as a business, partly because I do this more for my “members” than I do for myself, partly because I’m not very adept at the business side of things and partly because it is just plain daunting to be self employed.  2016 will be an exciting year. A new partnership began to emerge late last year and we’ll see what fruit that bears for both sides. Our membership close to doubled in 2015 and I want to keep that trajectory — and continue to do it on the strength of referrals.  There will need to be a few adjustments in pricing and schedule and I will push myself to get focused on those very quickly in 2016.

In general, these all require some intentional action and that is really what this whole resolution business is all about. Much if bandied about regarding the notion of “mindfulness”.  Somewhere along the way, this concept which I’ve been talking about (often only to myself!) has blossomed into a full blown science.  Mindfulness takes many forms and many paths but in the large, it is about getting off autopilot.  So at the end of the day, my real resolution for the coming year is to re-commit to living life “on purpose”.

Blessings to all for a happy, healthy, blessed and productive year ahead.

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